Perfectly Summer Cover Reveal

Another awesome cover by Josh.  Book will be out very soon…



Blog Tour and Giveaway

Perfectly You has been out for a couple weeks and is now available both in e-book and paperback format. I also wanted to let you know that I’m so grateful for everyone’s positive reviews! If you are interested in seeing what book bloggers have to say about it, there is a blog tour being hosted by Kathy @

There is also a $25 Amazon or PayPal giveaway associated with the tour, so go to Kathy’s website and enter the drawing. As always, I love it when I hear from my readers, so if you want to drop me a line feel free!

Special Thanks

It’s been two weeks and Perfectly Oblivious has already had more success than I thought it would have in a whole year. At the 14 day mark it’s sold 135 ebook copies and had just over 133,000 pages read in Kindle Unlimited. If you divide pages read by the  number of KENP pages in the book that’s the equivalent of another 400+ books. I say this info not to boast, but to show just how much gratitude I owe for the person who has essentially acted as my mentor throughout this whole process.

I know I put in the work by writing the book, but I need to publicly thank my amazing sister Kelly Oram, without whom, any of this would be possible. She put in the time and effort many years ago, to develop a solid marketing strategy and huge fan base, both of which I have benefited from. Her willingness to share this info with me and give invaluable feedback on my writing has helped me achieve my success. I will forever be grateful. And she’ll probably cringe when she sees this photo I’ve posted of us, but I feel like it’s a good one to show how much fun it is to have her as a sister. P.S. the picture is of us in our early 20’s, so we look cute and skinny still. LOL.

Happy Book Birthday Perfectly Oblivious! (Book Teaser and Giveaway)

Hello Friends. My debut novel is finally here. Happy Book Birthday Perfectly Oblivious! In honor of the release, I’m showing the book some love by doing a little spotlight and showing my readers some love by giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card!!!  The giveaway runs through the end of June. Read below for info about the book and a short teaser. Like what you see?

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Perfectly Oblivious Final Cover


Title: Perfectly Oblivious                                     Series: Perfect Series Book #1                         Author: Robin Daniels                                 Publisher: Bluefields Publishing                     Release Date: June 1, 2017

Summary: Cameron Bates (Cam) could have almost any girl at Franklin High School…except for the one he wants. Unfortunately Bebe seems to be immune to his flirty charm and good looks, which means one of two things: a) she’s completely oblivious to how he feels, or b) she’s just not into him. If that’s the case, declaring his love would be disastrous for their friendship.

Bianca Barnes (Bebe) has a huge problem: the universe hates her. Every time she admits feelings for a boy, he ends up falling for her sweet, popular, and beautiful sister Beth. To avoid a broken heart, Bebe has sworn herself to secrecy. Nobody can ever know how she feels about Cam…Ever!

Neither person wants to confess their feelings, but the universe has its own plan. Out of the blue, Bebe is courted by a secret admirer. Cam has to step up his game and Bebe has to make a choice. Play it safe and accept the affections of her mystery man or challenge fate and take a chance on the boy she loves.


I’d hoped to catch the new kid’s attention by shooting some hoops on the driveway next to his. But after five minutes of flawless shots, his face was still hiding under his hat and his eyes hadn’t left that stupid phone. I wasn’t desperate enough to go talk to him (Ok, I almost was) so I devised a plan to get his attention in a more subtle way.

On my next shot, I intentionally hit the backboard so the ball would bounce off and roll toward him. If he’d seen that shot, I’d have been super embarrassed. I’d never want anyone to think I sucked that bad. But, as luck would have it, embarrassment was not in my cards. Mortification was a better word for what had happened. The missed shot that was supposed to bounce somewhere in his general vicinity was alarmingly accurate. It beaned him in the side of the head, knocking his cap off.

“What the hell?” he grumbled as he rubbed his head and shot a dirty glance in my direction. Oops. Not quite the first impression I was hoping to make. So much for subtle.

“Sorry.” I offered a quick apology, then ran to fetch my ball from the street. I made it back to the driveway, and he strolled over. Now that his baseball cap was off, I could see that he was pretty stinking cute. He had light-brown hair that was long enough to be messed up from wearing his hat but short enough not to stick out under the sides. His blue eyes sparkled (yes, I know how cheesy that sounds, but there is no other way to describe them), and he had a cute button nose. I must have admired him a little too long because he cleared his throat and smirked, revealing the most adorable dimples.

          Crap, crap, crappity-crap. He totally realized I was checking him out. Play it cool, Bianca, play it cool…

“Hey,” was all I could manage. I gave him a head nod. Great; in my attempt not to look desperate, I managed to look like a loser instead.

“You play ball?” he asked, a cocky smirk plastered to his face.

“It would seem so. Seeing as I’m standing here, under a basketball hoop, holding a ball of the basket variety.” That’s good, Bianca; go for snarky. Maybe he’ll forget the moony eyes he caught you making at him.

The new kid snorted. His cocky smirk morphed into a cocky smile. “Well then, I propose a deal. I challenge you to a game of PIG. If you can beat me, I promise to pretend that I don’t know you purposely tanked that shot as an excuse to talk to me.”

My eyes bugged and my jaw dropped for a moment before I was able to regain my composure. So that’s how he was going to play it?

“Hmmm…” I pretended to think as I brought my finger to my lips. “Then I guess if I win, I promise to forget that you’re a conceited ass.”


Aren’t Cam and Bebe fun?! If you enjoyed that sneak peek then you’re sure to enjoy the whole book. Available for purchase now: Purchase Book Here   Don’t forget to enter the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway:  Enter Giveaway Here Thanks for taking a chance on me. Happy Reading!

Perfectly Oblivious Cover

Perfectly Oblivious Final CoverHere it is! I took quite a few opinions into consideration when deciding which concept to use for the book cover. It came down to this and one that was simpler with no photograph, but still very cute. Ultimately the feedback suggested that this was the “fan favorite”. Hopefully y’all like it and remember it so it will be easy to spot when browsing. Thank you so much to Josh Oram, my brilliant and talented brother-in-law for putting it together.